Rozwiązanie umowy na Dni Konia Arabskiego 2016


Ladies and Gentlemen,
I’m extremely sorry to inform that Polturf is no longer the organiser of the Arabian Horse Days 2016. Owing to lack of any cooperation with the current boards of the Studs, which makes it impossible to organise the event on the assumed level, on 26 April 2016 I terminated the contract.
As a business person who invests her own capital and covers any and all costs of the event, I have lost trust to my clients. If they have not been able to observe the deadlines entered in the contract and they are violating the confidentiality clause, they would most probably not be able to follow other provisions of the contract either.
Moreover, owing to the change of the boards of the Studs and the events of the last weeks, the atmosphere around the State Studs is very bad. The international community of the breeders and owners of the Arabian horses are expressing their concern. Several important and the most loyal clients of the auction are not planning to come to Poland. Majority of foreign sponsors have resigned as well.
As a result, I do not see the option to organise Pride of Poland 2016 successfully, on the level comparable to last years.
I would like to thank everyone who has supported this event for the last 15 years: our Clients, Guests, Sponsors, the wonderful Audience in Janów, as well as the Cooperators and Friends. It was great meeting you in Janów Podlaski during beautiful and joyful National Shows and the Pride of Poland auction.
We are proud that we could form a small part of the world of Arabian horses.
Kind regards, Barbara Mazur and Polturf team

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