About us


POLTURF is one of the longest operating enterprises concerned with trade intermediation in the Polish market for performance and breeding purebred horses. Established in 1997 (in the years 1997-2006 functioning as a partership), POLTURF has been collecting experience in international trade of throroughbred and arabian horses. At present, the company's main activity is the organization of the Arabian Horse Days and the Pride of Poland sale at Janów Podlaski State Stud. However, we are ready to take up any challenge connected with oraganization of  trade events, shows, sporting events for promotion of breeding, show and performance horses.


Horses... are most important for all of us. Owning them is a joyfull experience, but the process of  purchase can sometimes be associated with strenuous procedures and a lot of paperwork. We want to spare you this nightmare by offering trade intermediation in both auction sales and  individual negotiations. Let us take care of:
  - all formalities connected with the purchase - sale: negotiations, financial settlements,
  - veterinary and duty formalities connected with importation/exportation of horses both within the EU and  beyond its borders.

The same procedures can be followed upon request of any person interested in purchase of frozen semen from abroad.


Our company also has long-time experience in horse transportation by road. We cooperate with international companies, which organize horse airfreight. We can deal with exportation/importation of any number of horses from the furthest corners of the world.

► Event organisation and management

Ever since its establishment, the company has been facing the challenge of event organisation and management, including mass events. Our services comprise:
- legal formalities
- sponsorship management
- content-related elaboration, design and production of printed materials
- space-planning and management, including technical background

We are ready to take on the organisation of small, regional shows and auction sales as well as big mass events - if only they are dedicated to breeding and performance horses.

►Photographic service

The copyrights to the photos presented in the galleries belong to their authors. All the issues connected with the use of these photos in publications and on the internet shall be negotiated with the Polturf company. It is possible to obtain high-resolution photos prepared for print after proper arrangements are made with the company. 



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